Discover the Amazing Features and Benefits of Ahnu Women's Montara Boots



When it comes to planning a hiking trip, choosing the right hiking boots is a must. Even if many people think that all hiking boots are low quality, the good news is that the perfect boots for hiking do exist. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon and countless of positive reviews, the Ahnu Women's Montara Boots are considered the best hiker around. The manufacturer managed to engineer a vibrant product whose features and benefits not only meet all the customers’ needs, but also exceed their expectations.

Top Features

The Montara Boot is a light weight hiker that comes with several unique features. Some of the most important are:

  • Vibram outsole. Due to this feature, your foot’s natural biomechanics is improved, centering and stabilizing it in order to provide a more stable, efficient and balanced stride.

  • Numentum Technology. Features a neutral positioning system which gives you more stability and balance when hiking difficult or dangerous terrain.

  • eVent Waterproofing. These boots are waterproof, making them the ideal choice when going on a mountain trip during the rainy season.

  • Rubber Toe Protector. Because your toes have to be protected during hiking, Ahnu Women's Montara Boot can guarantee you a safe and comfortable hiking experience.<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-20" alt="81lwTA7YGRL.SY500" src="" width="198" height="350" />


  1. No blisters. Because these boots are softer than similar brands on the market, they are extremely comfortable and won’t hurt your feet.

  2. Extremely Lightweight. Another benefit associated with these boots. According to some customers, you can even “run 10 miles in these boots”.

  3. Breathable. Your feet can breathe in these boots due to the padded collar eVent and leather material.

  4. Keeps Socks Dry. After a long day of hiking, your feet should be wet after taking off your hiking boots. However, due to the Numentum technology, your socks and feet remain dry during the course of the day.

  5. Great Price. This product can be purchased with as little as 122$. If you find these boots on sale, you can even purchase them with less than $100.

  6. Reputable Company. Ahnu, the manufacturer of these unique hiking boots, boasts itself with several years of experience in creating organic shoes with vibrant designs and amazing colors for enhanced outdoor activities.


  • Less Stiff and Supportive. Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of Ahnu Women's Montara Boots is that they are less stiff than similar hikers. On a longer distance, they might not do so well as other hiking boots.

  • Not so Sticky on Rocks. The soles do not hold up very good to rocks, because they are made from soft, lightweight materials. Also, due to their flexibility, the soles do not offer enough support for scrambling.

Final Words

Ahnu Women's Montara Boots are specially designed for women who love to feel secure and comfortable while practicing their favorite sport – hiking. Weighting only 2 pounds, these lightweight boots offer increased support and stability at a great value. Even if this product comes with a few noticeable drawbacks, most of its customers were more than satisfied with it. If you need a pair of top-quality boots for the upcoming hiking trip, Ahnu Women's Montara Boot could be the perfect choice for you.


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